Disturbed mood or behaviour. As in the other sleep disorders discussed here, recognition and appropriate treatment rest on awareness that dsps exists and on familiarity with its characteristic features. viagra coupon Treatment can be difficult if the patient is motivated to maintain the abnormal sleep pattern, e. G. As part of school refusal. viagra daily wikipedia In such circumstances, wider psychiatric intervention is required. generic viagra canada Previous section next section other circadian-rhythm sleep disorders advanced sleep phase syndrome one of the changes of sleep physiology in later life is the tendency for the timing of the sleep phase to move forward, with the onset of sleep occurring in the evening. order viagra online This may result in the reverse of dsps, i. E. viagra daily wikipedia A troublesome and potentially socially embarrassing inability to stay awake in the evening, followed by waking early in the morning, by which time enough sleep been obtained (the ‘advanced sleep phase syndrome’). cheap viagra The same effect can occur at a younger age, if the child is consistently put to bed very early in the evening, in which case he or she may wake far too early the next day for the rest of the family. pictures of viagra pills The main psychiatric point in adults, perhaps especially the elderly, is that early morning waking originating in this way should not be viewed as a sign of a depressive disorder. online generic viagra Instead of antidepressant measures, the appropriate treatment is to reset the sleep phase to a more socially satisfactory time. The remaining circadian-rhythm sleep disorders also have psychological effects which need to be distinguished from primary psychiatric disorders. Jet lag the effects of jet lag are usually short lived, but travellers who frequently cross several time zones on each flight can develop chronic sleep disturbances that can have serious effects on mood and performance which are worsened if alcohol, sedatives or stimulants are used in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms. Night shift work night shift work poses a much greater problem because of the large numbers of people involved. viagra generic This is partly due to increases in 24-hour consumer services, although occupations such as nursing and police work may inevitably involve shift work. Many (possibly most) shift workers suffer psychological problems as well as physical complain. viagra 20 mg zararları