Hypertension hypertension causing sores? Head tension anxiety w/ hypertension hypertension and toprol hypertension - kay clemons! viagra for sale Given up smoking and developed hypertens... viagra pills online australia Jenna2 january 10th, 2007 i've asked this question before on here, but i'm asking again because it never got any response. buy generic viagra in the uk I hope i have better luck this time. Does anyone else who suffers from anxiety/panic attacks get these crazy tension headaches where your head feels like its being squeezed? buy viagra without prescription I want to know if this is a symptom of anxiety. quality viagra generic online Im 20 and they are crazy! Im going through the day and all of a sudden it starts to build up i can feel the tension in my jaw, my head(mostly in my face) and in my temples. This all goes away if i just lay down or support my head somehow. They come and go usually last around 3 hours sometimes more. buy generic viagra in the uk If anyone else gets this please let me know. viagra 20 mg bayer precio Thanks did you find this post helpful? You marked this post as helpful! viagra without a doctor prescription I changed my mind | lilash replied january 12th, 2007 hello- i too experience tension headaches from time to time. Last semester (i am a senior in college) when finals came around i was extremely stressed- not only about my school work but i get a lot of anxiety about health issues and am just generally an axious person. So when these headaches started right around the time i had to study for finals i was devastated! generic viagra online I went online and realized a lot of people suffer from tension headaches- like you said i too had the pain on both sides of my head and it was a horrible squeezing feeling and then it went into my jaw which is extremely uncomfortable- i also had pain in my neck. http://sweet-vibrations.com/tkj-generic-viagra-online-canada-cost-bk/ So what i do when i feel these headaches coming on is: 1. Try to realize what is stressing me out so much get take a break from it or try to talk myself out of being so stressed- nothing is so bad that i should feel this way. 2. I find that applying heat- a heating pad or even a warm washcloth to the back of my neck helps- or even taking a nice hot shower and really focus on relaxing. buy generic viagra in the uk 3. I have used a muscle relaxer a couple times when my neck was really bothering me.